CSOL purchased the highest quality digital production equipment available from Germany and licensed the best software from Switzerland.
Swiss Software
Digital High-Definition processing allows for crisper, sharper and truer vision throughout each lens. With its commitment to excellence, CSOL purchased the highest quality digital production equipment available from Germany and licensed the best engineered optical lens software from Switzerland. The result? Lenses that can be produced to within 1 micron or one thousandth of a millimeter tolerance of precision.
German Equipment
The German-engineered digital optical lens equipment produces free-form progressive multifocal lenses in all available plastic materials. This includes both regular and thinner (high index) materials, as well as Polycarbonate or Trivex safety lenses. Unlike previous processing methods, this equipment will precisely lathe-cut a lens with the curvature within the one micron tolerance necessary to produce the best free-form progressive optical lenses.
German Equipment
For wholesale free-form or uncut lenses, Canadian Scientific Ophthalmic Laboratories is leading the way.
Nine lens designs are available in Office, Standard and Outdoor use each with a 22, 20 and 18 mm reading channel to best fit a variety of frame choices.
How it works
German engineering and Swiss high-precision quality unite to deliver the lenses to the most exacting standards. The Swiss software produces digitally processed (free-form) backside progressive multifocal lenses. It uses the frame shape, bridge measurements plus lens width, height and diameter to determine the parameters for each individual lens.
These parameters direct the equipment to produce the lenses to the exact standard. The allformat digital machine free-form cuts the lenses, removing the need for hard lap polishing tools. This eliminates rounding of prescription data and results in precise powers. Because the cutting is more precise, there is less polishing which could distort the curvature. In fact the whole generating and polishing system is completely automated (eliminating human error), resulting in perfect lens geometry throughout the entire lens.
The digital facilities produce CSOL's new Swiss design, High Definition Optixx™ lenses, available for free-form progressive multifocals. While traditional progressives eliminate the tell-tale lines of bifocals and trifocals (and create a smooth transition between one area of vision and another), traditional lens processing limits the usable undistorted visual field. Optimal vision is still often limited to a narrow central area of the lens. Once the eye strays too much from the optical center of the lens, and the wearer could experience a distortion or “swimming” effect.
To see clearly requires the wearer to turn their head, instead of their eyes. Unfortunately, not everyone adjusts easily to the lenses so there is a higher chance of rejection.
CSOL's new Swiss-design Digital High Definition Optixx™ free-form progressive lenses significantly widen the undistorted visual field for distance, mid-range and near visual zones. And with high definition digital production deliver superior, crisper and sharper vision.
Because the Optixx™ lens harmonizes distortions both vertically and horizontally, wearers experience significantly less "swimming sensation" than when wearing traditional lenses. In addition, transitions from the different vision areas are virtually unnoticeable. Adjustment periods for lens wearers transitioning from singlevision lenses to progressive multifocal lenses are dramatically reduced and in many cases virtually eliminated.
Therefore the distance visual field, the mid-range visual field as well as the reading visual field are all maximized as compared to traditionally designed lenses.
Wearers of the new Optixx™ digital free-form progressive multifocal lenses will be delighted that there is less head movement required to see clearly, due to wider, undistorted visual fields in all directions.
The future of lens
making is here.
Optixx (TM)
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